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Friday, June 2, 2017
~ °*°• ~~ Lady Steampunk  ~~ •°*° ~
Tutorial by Michal's Designz(ME)
Kit by FwTags Creations

This tutorial is written solely by me and any similarities is just that, similar to any other!
Do NOT claim as yours, Do NOT copy and post to any forum or group!!
Link to this tutorial for others to try out!!

Supplies used

Lady Steampunk by FwTags Creations
Stan Dudin's Diana Steampunk (PFD)
Insatiable Dreams 201(Mask set 7)
* click Masks link then scroll to bottom of page*
Thanks SchweetieAngel & Cat for your inspiration
Font of your choice. I used SassyScript

DS(Drop Shadow) will be -2, 2, 61, 9 unless otherwise stated
Resizing of elements at 50% unless otherwise stated!

To get the color to come close to color of kit, 
I changed settings on the layers of the tube
See Screenshot(click on image for larger view)
*Not all tubes used have many layers to adjust*

Ok now that we got that all out of the way and hope I haven't confused ya yet!
*note: my first tutorial since my msn group days*

Let's get started by opening a new image at 1000 x 1000 at 72 res.
Why this big? for elbow room!! Will resize to tag size later!

Open up mask, papers 2 & 5, and frame 7. 
Resize frame 7 to 110% or desired size
On paper 5, apply mask 201, delete mask, merge group!
Paste to new image.  Paste Frame 7 on top.
Grab selection tool and click in center of frame, Expand selection by 5.
Add new layer, Paste Paper 2 into selection. 
Move below frame!

Copy and Paste Element 19 and center in the frame. Lower opacity to 50%
Copy and paste Element 49(table), resize by 50%.
Position to the bottom right of frame. move this layer below the frame
Apply DS
(see tag for suggested position)

Copy/paste  and resize to 35%  and place in desired positions on table
Element 1(nail polish)
Element 3(Lipstick)
Element 4(jar w/lid)
Element 54(purse)
Element 55(perfume bottle)
Apply DS or shadow of choice

Copy/Paste Element 45(radio) above frame. Resize by 40%(or desired size)
Move this to the bottom right corner area of frame. Add DS.

Copy Merged tube and Paste, resize to desired size. I resized at 50%.
Place to the left of Frame
Copy/Paste Element 75(cat), if desired, and place at tubes feet!
(see tag for placement)

Grab your text tool and select SassyScript(or desired font)
*Note: Windows 7 & above you have to install font, I think*
Type out desired name and wordart you may want on tag.

Don't forget to apply your artist copyright and your license!
Some even add "kit by ______"Designers name.

HOPE you enjoyed my first tutorial in AGES!!

Here is another tag from this kit and artist

Would love to see any tags you may have created from this tutorial!!
Thanks for looking!!!

Michal's Designz


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