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 ** Lick My Lollipop **

It is a fantastic kit for those with a sweet tooth as well. 
If you love pink, this kit is as must purchase!
Visit GrnIz Dezinez blog for more information on this and all of her amazing kits!

Is available HERE !


Now on to your Extras!
These were created with the art of Pinup Toons(Rion Vernon)!
You can find all his tubes for sale HERE!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
** It's a Spring Thing **

You can view more info on Breena's Blog

1st tag is with the gorgeous work of Jennifer Janesko
You can get his awesome girls at Creative Design Outlet

Next tag is the awesome work of Rion Vernon(Pinup Toons)
You can get his awesome girls at Creative Design Outlet

You can purchase this kit HERE

** Calamity **

Artists used: 


Calamity Kit
You can see more details by visiting her site

Stores where you can Purchase this kit

WordArt has 4 dif views
Plain, DS, Glow, and DS+Glow
(just click on wordart image & right-click to save)

A few other tags I made for others!! Hope all like!

All Artists used here are PTU. Please do NOT use without a license

Artist: Barbara Jensen(of course). 
(Must have license to use her art)
You can find her beautiful Art HERE

Artist: Roman Zaric. You can find his Art HERE
(Please do not use his images without his License)
Scrap Kit: 

Artist: Jennifer Janesko. You can find her images at CDO

Artist: Verymany. You can find her images both at her store and PFD
(If you purchase from either store you have to have their seperate license per store)

Both tags above and below are by the Artist: Lysisange.
You can find her beauties at PicsForDesign

This tag I made via a word art challenge in PimpN

Call of Nature from SP's owner Kimmy

This I made for our Valentine Header in Sinful Pleasures

This was made for our Show Off area for Artist Show Offs

This I made as a prezzie for our Scrapper of the Month for February

HI! Yes I been a busy bee. 
Still so many wonderful changes and even I see improvement in my own work.
Hard to beleive I was gone for 10+yrs.

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